opening the door to life-long learning and self belief

Human Engagement Studio re-imagines joyful and deep learning through research-based practices and pedagogies. Through conscious engagement, we aim to address and dissolve barriers to collaboration in creating environments that support exploration, curiosity, and personal and collective growth.

We are moving from research into action with the belief that all human persons have the capacity for self-directed life-long learning, and we, accompaniers of life journeying. There are no quick fixes and any transformation requires deep listening, compassionate communication, and deep engagement to stretch the mind, develop and hone skills and push the envelope of new ways of thinking and growing.

Heartful encounters are beyond the thinking. So when experiences are deconstructed and re-emergenced, what it does is reclaim those parts within us which we have denied or rejected or unable to engage. These will be known as an essential part of us and instead of being experienced as inner distances.  When the inner disconnects become embraced, we heal and become whole.

At Human Engagement Studio, we are a team of creative, experienced people who believe in the commitment to every individual’s whole becoming and being. We are catalysts to the process because the tools we use are compassion, altruistic and open pedagogies which are life impacting.


In 2019, we crystallised our paradigm of Place of Possibilities and our logo became! You may read of our early journey of Identity here.

HES Logo - June 26, 2019 -final


The following documents our continuous rapid-cycle explorations and prototyping since 2016 regarding knowing joy, witnessing truthfulness, actualising freedom to be, appreciating beauty, honouring dignity of life, deep learning human engagement, non-violently committing to rights, agency, protection, provision, participation – individually and/or together:

  • ongoing personal, professional development & friendship (wildflowers, since 2016);
  • the way of atelier (The Strangest Encounter Inside This White Cube, 2016; private studio art-making);
  • integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Economics (The Economics of Universal Wellbeing, since 2016);
  • work-life integration & stewardship (Bilberries Blue Sustainability Stewards, since 2018);
  • workplace inclusion (Bilberries Blue Sustainability Interns Programme, since 2019);
  • inclusive learning (The Happy Heart School, since 2007; Project unSpoken, since 2016; and Inclusive Art Workshop, 2019);
  • pedagogy research travel & conference (EduRetreat, since 2008);
  • teacher training conference (EdCamp, 2016-2017);
  • eldercare & assisted home (L’Arche London, 2017-2020);
  • international school (IB Primary Years in China, 2017-2019);
  • education research (Doctoral Research EdD, to be completed 2020);
  • special education school (Singapore, since 2019);
  • global-local socio-ecological dialogues (Bilberries Blue Microsummit, since 2019); and
  • solitude, contemplation, deep reflection, examination & reformulation, deep learning & re-imagination, commitment & action especially in the middle of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

In June 19, 2020, our clarity emergenced an integrated workable possibility for the future. And so, we published ‘A PLACE OF POSSIBILITIES FOR GLOCAL CITIES – Moving Forward in a Deep Learning World, A Concept Paper for Re-Imagining Pedagogy, Human Development, Education & Deep Learning by Vashima Goyal’.

With this Concept Paper, we begin our GLOCAL STEWARDSHIP through initiating, collaborating & coordinating Glocal Project Participations to co-discover, reimagine-design-build-sustain-flourish with micro-meso-macro-mundo-communities.

A PLACE OF POSSIBILITIES FOR GLOCAL CITIES - A Call for Project Participation - Human Engagement Studio - June 19, 2020