Playground #2: The Blue Rose Rondeau


The Blue Rose Rondeau is a roundtable of sorts, where old friends, new friends, co-workers, and strangers come together and we share a lunch hour together, reflecting on a postcard. A postcard is like a note from someone who is in a different land, a different space. Someone who has had or is having an adventure and who is sharing, by sending to a friend or a loved one, a postcard. It is strange that this becomes the topic or “provocation”, but we hope to bring forth this encounter with twelve communities. The structure of our roundtable conversation is in the form of a rondeau, so that our exploration is grounded in the merriment of art-making as well.

Perhaps we can bridge each other’s multiplicities only through the poetics of our lunch hour. The medium of encounter is each other, our lunch conversation. The structure, a rondeau. What emerges is anyone’s guess.


A little bit about the Rondeau from “Unlocking the Poem”
by Ottone M. Riccio and Ellen Beth Siegel:

“The Rondeau evolved gradually from the older rondel form. It consists of thirteen full lines of four feet each, arranged in three stanzas of five, three, and five lines. Only two rhyme sounds are permitted. At the end of the second and third stanzas there’s a “tail” – a half line taken from the first half of the first line: it is a non-rhyming tail and frequently turns on a pun. Using R as the symbol for the tail, the rhyme pattern is


If you would like us to join your community for an hour of lunch and co-host The Blue Rose Rondeau with us, please submit this form to let us know how we can make our lunch hour possible: