Human Engagement Studio produces PlayGround, which are Innovation Festivals to support community well-being and creativity by curating learning catalysts for playful, vibrant and compassionate community dialogues, participation, living and celebration:

  1. Senior citizens
  2. Preschool teachers who would like to come together to experience uninhibited joyful encounters with Reggio explorations
  3. Preschoolers
  4. Students
  5. Out-of-school, Unschooling, Homeschooling children
  6. Poets, Artists & Musicians
  7. Parents
  8. Caregivers
  9. Corporates
  10. Rebels with and without causes
  11. Seriously serious Learners
  12. All of the above, None of the above, No labels

We are constantly looking for fellow collaborators and grand thinking! Kindly contact for a sizzling community well-being and creativity time!

PlayGround#1: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


PlayGround#2: The Blue Rose Rondeau