UnSpoken: A Friend’s Response


The silent scream of speechlessness
The anguish of being unheard.
The disconnect with language
An island of isolation.
Alone in a world abuzz with sound
Struggling to be heard

He is special they say
He will be fine.
But a mother’s heart won’t give up
Feels the pain beneath the poise.
With every waking thought
She seeks to find

Equally helpless she is
In her search.
Knocking every world to understand.
From science to religion
No stone is left unturned.
Answers in the earth

Equally helpless is the earth
In silent screams of speechlessness
It is torn apart.
From the ravages of disasters
To the savaging of mankind.
Pain remains Unspoken.

Urban jungles in glossy glass
Replace seasonal hues
It is special they say
Everyone will be happy and rich one day
The anguish of a mother
In a progressive world, unspoken.


Himal Ruparel
Salute to the courage of my friend PEK
15 April 2017


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