Visual Identity Communication

We explored using drawing and clay as the main media for the fruition of our logo and visual identity communication. We also dialogued significantly, and discussed multiple perspectives and expressions of the ideas that were emerging. We collaborated with the following artists & graphic designers:

  • Peng-Ean Khoo, poet-artist
  • Jaqueline Low, clay artist
  • Paul Teh Chee Mun, graphic designer

The intent is that this shall be a living evolution of our discoveries and growth of the work and cultural identity of Human Engagement Studio as a community.



The namecard is conceived as a door, with a stained-glass window.

On the other side of the namecard, is an empty circle, potent with latent discovery awaiting living expressions. IMG_3573It is an invitation for engagement, for self and community discovery, growth, and collaboration.

Human Engagement Studio speaks, “Welcome.”


Open Embrace

We imagine practising openness and loving non-judgment. Deep listening, compassionate dialogues, gentleness. And patience.

We imagine practising research-based pedagogies and lifelong learning.

We imagine creatively communicating, sharing and inspiring in multitudes of perspectives and forms.

We imagine possibilities of truths, goodness, kindness and beauty.

Most of all, we imagine personal and communities living love, compassion, joy, freedom, peace, harmony & well-being. With accountability & responsibility.




Honouring the six hearts coming together to unfold the blossoming of the wholehearted-centredness of Human Engagement Studio. Each selflessly holding each other.



The Window

It is a portal. You think you can see the other side. But it is only a window, until you enter the door.

IMG_3634The window gifts you glimpses of the joy of possibilities.


The Door

The door is the door to new possibilities, which can only be revealed if you enter to experience it. IMG_4768There is a handle, the door already is unlocked. The stranger just needs to turn the handle to open the door.


“Crow in the dark.” – Eustacia Cutler

By embracing the gift of change, we can move forward in our lives.


IMG_3644 (1) The cock crows at 3am before dawn.



Human Engagement Studio celebrates the journey of wholehearted unfoldment, blossoming and coming into one’s own.

IMG_4770 IMG_4771IMG_4776

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